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About Us

Coin and Bullion of Pensacola was opened in Pensacola in 2010. The Staff is well known in the Gold, Silver, Diamond, Emerald, Tanzanite, Ruby, Sapphire, and Jewelry manufacturing industry. The owners of Coin and Bullion have been trading and wholesaling for over 30 years. Their business has spanned several countries all over the world. The owners of Coin and Bullion with their many years of experience has owned and operated everything from emerald mines in Columbia to gem labs and jewelry manufacturing companies in New York in their 30 years in the business. They are associated with several premier associations in the industry including GIA, FUN, NGC, PCGS, EGL and Rapnet.

Coin and Bullion of Pensacola has been dealing with rare coins, custom Jewelry, loose diamonds, rare artifacts, gold and silver bullion for over 30 years. The overall philosophy has always been in dealing with investments of this nature is that the pricing should be fair as possible and that margins allow for profits. The volume in which we deal in allows our customers, from distributers, store owners to the individual to hedge their investments to make the maximum amount of profit. This simple precept is our guiding philosophy and has allowed for us to grow to one of the largest dealers in Northwest Florida. So whether you are a distributer, wholesaler or investor we will offer the best possible deal for you.

About Coin & Bullion

Our employees are highly trained to investigate each and every piece they see. When we hire a new employee they work one on one with one of our lead buyers learning our methods and procedures to ensure you get the best price for your gold and silver items.

Our master jeweler has over 45 years of experience in repairing and designing custom jewelry pieces. He comes to us from Guadalajara where he learned his trade and he brings his unique talents to Coin and Bullion of Pensacola. Coin and Bullion of Pensacola is dedicated to your satisfaction and respect for your most precious jewelry items. Our vast experience in the industry and with the public gives our employees a unique perspective and understanding of the unique relationship between you and your most precious items.

It's been a privilege to serve a growing number of loyal and pleasant customers. Satisfied customers remain our number one source of new business. Whether you are buying silver or gold for the first time or an experienced buyer, we look forward to serving you. Stop in, call 850-466-2486. or email for information at